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Horus is owned & operated by longtime friends & watch enthusiasts Mark Margulies & Blake Simon. In 2013, while in his sophomore year of college at the University of Florida, Margulies founded his first luxury lifestyle brand selling custom headwear and other accessories. Through his first venture, Margulies gained extensive knowledge of the leather working industry & learned how to produce the highest quality product possible. 

   In 2014, Margulies realized that he could combine his knowledge of leather goods manufacturing with his love of watches. His vision was to create a watch strap brand unlike any other, using unique materials & allowing his customers to customize each strap to their liking. 

   Margulies approached Simon about the idea shortly after. Simon had previously worked in the watch industry, and his extensive knowledge of fine timepieces was a driving force behind the brand’s creation. After months of trial and error, Margulies & Simon completed the first perfected watch straps. And thus, Horus was born. 

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